Wednesday, August 11, 2010


For those of you that don't know, Justin and I both travel for work. Before when we only had the pug, this wasn't such an issue as we mostly enjoyed our time alone when the other was traveling. Distance does in fact make the heart grow fonder :) However, now that Cyrus is here, I no longer enjoy my time away like I used to. This week, I'm in Austin, TX for a seminar event and a few client visits.
Traveling is hard for a few reasons. First, I miss Cyrus and Justin. For those of you without children I can't explain with words how it feels to be away from your child. On top of that, we are also breastfeeding, so while gone I'm attached to my pump as often as I would normally be feeding Cyrus. This again is not ideal, especially when you have a crazy schedule. You end up pumping in places you wouldn't normally even use the bathroom (gross airport terminals) and become extremely talented at multi-tasking to the nth degree.
While I know it's tough on me to be gone, it's also tough on Justin and Cyrus. When you have a set routine that is designed for two people like we do and one of those people are absent, it makes for a lot of work for the other person. Luckily Justin is an amazing dad and handles it well. This is my third trip post-maternity leave and so far Justin and Cyrus have done pretty well, thanks to a lot of prep before I leave by Justin and myself to make things as easy as possible.
Will this continue? I hope not. I'm hoping to move to something at my current company without travel, but I don't have anything set in stone yet. Stay tuned!

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