Monday, July 26, 2010

MIA....but we're back!

So I've been very slack about posting lately, mainly due to taking care of an infant, a husband, a pug, and working full-time. Did I mention I'm traveling again too? Not for much longer hopefully as I'm looking at a few different positions internally, but for right now we are making do.

Cyrus is doing amazing. He's now 4.5 months old, 12 pounds, 25 inches long, and enjoys lots of un activities like:

"talking" to his buddy Van at daycare or anyone that will listen :)

giving slobbery "kisses"

smiling and laughing


grabbing things he wants

sitting up when propped up on his hands (sometimes)

rolling over both ways

trying to scoot around on the floor

Here's a recent photo:

What a cutie :) He's also got two bottom teeth and is working on a few more. We are having so much fun and are excited to introduce our little guy to a large group of friends this week in Chicago at the annual Folk trip! We will be flying, so please pray for us to have safe and smooth travels as this will be Cyrus' first flight.

I'll be posting some video footage of the rolling and laughing as soon as I can figure out how to compress them :)

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