Friday, September 11, 2009

First Crazy Mom Event

Someone at work told me about a huge Charleston wide consignment sale so a pregnant friend of mine Hilliary and I decided to check it out. Needless to say we were both a little overwhelmed. As "first time moms" we were able to come to the presale on Thursday which is evidently when the claws come out. After standing in line (Hilliary did most of this as I was running late) we finally went into the sale shortly after 7. These ladies meant business! Lots of running around and grabbing things. Hilliary got told by one lady to lay off those were her baby clothes, which of course made me laugh hysterically. Hilliary being 34 weeks pregnant already knew her little french fry was a boy so we spent a lot of time looking through bedding and clothes. We both decided a lot of the bigger items (cribs, strollers, swings) were either very worn or overpriced. I think all the crazies before us got the good stuff :) Anyway, I purchased a bath tub, baby bjorn carrier, shopping cart cover, board game for Justin, and a few maternity tops. Hilliary got a TON of clothes for herself and for her brother's twin girls that will be here in December as well as a changing table. A few things we learned:

  1. Neither of us are vicious enough to get in there and get the really good big stuff
  2. Mount Pleasant mommies are a little crazy
  3. Next time we're bringing someone that's not pregnant to stand in line to checkout

Overall we had a lot of fun and got some great stuff for the impending arrivals. The consignment store that puts on the sale has a spring sale in March, so anything we don't have after baby Sellers gets here we can try and pick up at that sale :)

A few people have requested bump photos and the goal is to get some posted this weekend. Unfortunately I don't really have a formal bump as much as it looking like I've been to one too many keg parties (aka beer gut). Either way, requested photos will be posted by the end of the weekend. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yeah, I went to that for the first time ever. It's overwhelming for anyone, let alone a first timer. I must say I was most impressed with the quality of clothes. Little Emily has a closet-full waiting for her when she gets here. Although I did refrain from the froo-froo dresses and anything smocked. I understand the Mt. Pleasant crowd may have better quality items, but come on...smocked overalls for a three-year-old boy? Wow, that is special.