Thursday, September 3, 2009

14 Weeks today

So we're officially 14 weeks today. I don't know if it's something in the water at work, but there are at least 10 other women pregnant, just in my division! Needless to say there has been no problem receiving tons of advice which as first time parents we are grateful for.

I should get my results back from the blood test portion of the quad screening tomorrow to confirm that everything is fine. I'll post an update when I hear from the doctor's office.

As for me, I had to break down and buy maternity pants this week. I figured rather than buying clothes that would fit for a month in a bigger size I'd go ahead and bite the bullet :) While I'm sure I'll appreciate all that room and elastic in a few months, right now it just feels strange.

Justin has been trying to break in his new golf clubs and of course working, which includes travel to San Diego. He's been home all this week and looks to be home all next week too.

We are headed to Swansea for a quick trip this weekend to visit my family and sort through all the leftover baby things from my nephew Hunter. My mom and sister saved pretty much everything other than clothes so we have a ton of stuff to look through, including a crib still in the box!

Just a quick ponder: has anyone else noticed the large amount of weirdo baby items that are now available? This one was featured on the Today show recently:

To me, this just has lawsuit written all over it. Oh well. We will not be using a tummy tub aka drowning bucket for our baby. The sink will do just fine :)

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  1. Congratulations on the baby! Reed and I are both very excited for you. On the advice: don't believe everything you hear. On the maternity clothes: they will be your best friends in a few months. Treat them nicely :-) On the tummytub: Holy crap; that thing is a death trap!